5 Benefits of Having an Automated Pool Vacuum

Pools are one of the best parts of a home. They are where you go to relax, unwind, and have some fun. However, while pools are great, cleaning them can be less than fun. In fact, cleaning them can be an extraordinary commitment. Most pool owners opt for weekly pool service, such as the one that we offer. Even still, dirt and debris can accumulate in your pool between visits.

As a result, many pool owners have been gravitating towards automatic vacuums to keep their pool clean on a daily basis. That’s why we’re seeing automatic pool vacuums becoming more and more popular. Not only are they super easy to set up and use, but they offer a wide range of benefits for pool owners. We’ll look at some of the key benefits of having an automatic pool vacuum in this article.

1. Improve your pools hygiene

Maintaining pool hygiene is a task in and of itself since so much can accumulate in a pool. Leaves, grass, and other debris are always a risk, as are clogged filters. It can leave a pool looking neglected and cause other issues with water chemistry and general hygiene. Automatic pool vacuums are an effective solution to keeping the surfaces of your pool clean and free of debris.  

2. Energy efficiency

An automatic pool cleaner is self-programmable and comes with microprocessors that allow it to move in the water on its own. Most vacuums run from the suction or pressure side of your pool system, meaning that they don’t directly require any electricity to power themselves; they are indirectly powered by your pool pump. Automatic pool cleaners are a more energy-efficient solution and make pool cleaning a lot easier overall.

3. Reduce your dependence on chemicals

We’ve discussed that an automatic pool vacuum will remove debris on a daily basis, but we haven’t discussed how that will reduce your reliance on chemicals. When debris, such as leaves for example, sit at the bottom of your pool for too long, they break down into phosphates. Phosphates decrease the efficacy of your pool’s sanitizer (typically chlorine), meaning that you need to add two to three times as much chlorine to keep your pool safe and sanitary. That said, it’s important to get any debris or organic matter out of your pool as quickly as possible.

4. Easy to maintain

While automatic pool vacuums might sound complex, they are actually very simple devices. They require very little maintenance, and should they break down the are easy to fix and fairly inexpensive to replace. The average life of an automatic pool vacuum is 5 to 10 years. It’s no doubt why they have become so popular.

5. Cost effective

An automatic pool vacuum is one of the best value purchases for a pool owners. We all know that pool equipment is expensive, however, in the world of pool equipment, automatic vacuums are one of the least expensive pieces of equipment. A good quality suction-side cleaner will typically cost between $300 and $500, which isn’t bad considering that it will work every day to protect your more expsensive pool equipment, your plaster, and your family.

Our final thoughts on automatic pool vacuums

If you’re looking for an easy and cost-effective method to maintain your pool and keep it clean on a daily basis, an automatic pool vacuum should definitely be on your radar. While they might seem to be an unnecessary expense upfront, they will end up being very cost-effective for long-term pool maintenance, and will relieve you of the additional effort it takes to keep the pool clean.

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