Swim all year long with a pool and spa heater

Even in sunny San Diego, water temperatures can drop into the 60s and 70s in the non-summer months (September through May). That’s a majority of the year! Pool heaters are a great way to enjoy your pool and spa year-round. There are certainly other ways to keep your water on the warmer side, such as pool covers and solar, but if you’re looking for warm water on-demand, you’ll need a pool heater.

Pool heaters generally fall into two main categories, depending on the source of the heat. First, and most popular, would be the natural gas pool heater. Natural gas is utilized to heat copper coils through which your pool water flows, quickly warming the water as it is returned into your pool. Second, and different from a gas heater, is an electric heat pump. Electric heat pumps work by pulling heat from the air to heat the pool water. As such, electric heat pumps typically require ambient air temperature of at least 55 degress farenheit to operate effectively. Electric heat pumps are typically less expensive to operate month-to-month, however they are more expensive to purchase.

Our team is available to discuss any questions you might have about installing a new heating system, or repairing an existing heating system.

Heater Repairs

Has your heater stopped firing up? Is it no longer capable of heating to your desired temperature? If your heater is not functioning properly, you’ll want to consider speaking to our repair team. We’d be happy to schedule a service call where we’d come by to diagnose the issue and give you a full estimate on what it would cost to repair your heater.

The most common pool heater repairs include:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Leak repair
  • Plumbing repair
  • Replacing internal components
  • Replacing gas components
  • Replacing electrical components

      New Heater Installations & Heater Replacements

      You don’t currently have a heater, or you’d like to replace your existing heater? No problem. We are here to help. Give us a call for a free consultation. We can walk you through your options and provide a full estimate to get your pool heater installed.

      Abour Our Repair Department

      Our team of in-house technicians is licensed, trained, insured, and ready to be of service. We have decades of experience in all types of major and minor repairs for both residential and commercial pools, including pool filters, pool heaters, pool lights, pool automation, pool timers, pool filters, pool pumps, pool plumbing, pool valves, pool skimmers, pool drains, in-floor cleaners, pool vacuums, pool safety devices and more. We work directly with all major manufacturers (Jandy, Hayward, Pentair, Zodiac, and more) to ensure we can offer the best pricing possible.

      We believe in transparency and good, old-fashioned communication. From scheduling a service call to a completed repair, you won’t have to wonder what’s going on, how much the repair might cost, or when it will be finished.

      As one of the premier pool repair companies in San Diego, we stand behind the quality of our work. If we make a mistake, we will be back to fix it immediately and at no additional cost to you.